How To Grow To 10,000+ Followers On TikTok In 6 Weeks Or Less

How To Grow To 10,000+ Followers On TikTok In 6 Weeks Or Less

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What Our Clients Have To Say About Us....

How This Agency Owner Went From 0 - 10,000 Followers In Less Than 60 Days!

How This Busy Mom Went From 0 - 45,000 Followers in 4 weeks!

How This Content Creator Went From 3000 - 19,000 Followers in a small niche

How This Network Marketer Went Viral In 7 Days With Our Framework

How This Creator Went From 200  - 40,000 Followers in 2 weeks 

How This Ecom Owner Went From Low Engagement - 15,000 Followers

Don't Let Other Social Media Guru's Fool You, Going Viral On TikTok Is About Having A Proper Strategy, Not Luck!

Learn How To Leverage The Latest TikTok Updates To Get An Unfair Advantage

Learn The Secrets To Building A Cult Following Of People Who Worship You

Learn How To Make Small Changes To Your Content That Lead To Big Results!

Don't Let This Opportunity Pass You By!

You know the importance of TikTok and what it would mean for your brand and business so it's time to take action and finally nail down a strategy that will bring in consistency and predictable leads into your business once and for all!


#1. One Hour Intensive Strategy Call
So you can Gain clarity on Niche/Theme of page; build long term vision for personal brand)
#2. Lifetime Access To Exclusive Mastermind
So you can have our community for LIFE and receive trending sounds (4x+ a Week), TikTok Updates, and what the “Market” on TikTok wants.(3x+ a Week ) 
#3. Six Week Personal Growth Plan
So You Can Understand Your Offer So Deeply So You Can Use Your Content To Describe A Product Your Audience Can’t Deny
#4. High Tech AUDITORIUM System.
So you can get all your content looked at and improved before you post.
#5  Content Review group coaching calls
So all your questions will be answered live and discussed on top of Live Account studies and Account Reviews so you can learn and find your own specific content style!
#6. Hands on 1:1 Accountability
So you can connect one-on-one with FULL ACCESS to the IFM team to get all your burning questions answered within a 16-hour window. As well as 1:1 Exclusive calls with the IFM Team.

We Practice What We Preach, So Here's Some Proof Of What We've Been Able To Accomplish....

Struggling With Low Video Views?

Don't Worry We Got You Covered! We Know A Secret Strategy That Has A 87% Success Rate For Getting Videos To POP In Any Niche!

Struggling With Getting Consistent Comments & Engagement?

We have proven content strategies for any niche that can pour in targeted leads to comment and engage with your videos consistently

Here's How We Are Going To Help You...

We Want To Come Into Your Business And Build The Content Strategy Plan For You!

Custom Content Strategy Plans Every Week

Never Worry About Coming Up With Fresh Content Ideas Again!

 Get Up To 15 Weekly Content Ideas Including Scripts, Hooks, CTA's Designed To Grow Your Engagement

 Custom Competitor Research that allows us to outperform your top competitors

 weekly analytic tracking and reporting for maximium growth potential 

 End Result: An Engaged TikTok Following With Red Hot Leads Consistently Engaging With Your Content

Here's What Our Client's Have To Say....

Michael: Fitness Creator

Overview: Micheal is an online fitness coach with 1+ years of experience coaching students. His entire goal was to grow his brand which inturn would grow his business and bring more income. In hopes of taking his business and brand to a new level he focused on every platform except TikTok! His main focus was instagram where he set a goal of 10 followers a day! Despite Putting In Months And Thousands Of Dollars into social media coaches before Micheal had only seen a few thousand followers on instagram and 0 on TikTok!

Operation: The first plan of Action for Michael was building his brand fast because success loves speed, what’s better than building a brand on the fastest growing platform on the planet, AKA TikTok. Before this Michael had never dipped his feet in TikTok and was skeptical that it was too good to be true. With all his focus on instagram.

We came into Micheals brand and did a deep analysis of who his target audience was, then we Designed him a weekly growth plan that consisted of trending topics in his niche that would niche targeted individuals and bring virality to his page. His first post using this strategy brought in over 2.4 Million Views.

Outcome: Shortly after implementing these strategies Micheal was able to grow his brand to 60,000 Followers in 7 Weeks and now has an audience of 130k+ Followers which has led to Generating 1000’s in Brand Deals and Sold Tons of Fitness Programs.

Micheal didn't need to have experience on TikTok to be able to see massive results. His content strategy consisted of a combination of viral driven content and value driven content. That Michael could easily record spending less than 5 hours a week creating!

Layla: Fitness Creator

Overview: Layla had a passion for fitness and helping other women achieve the dream physique. Had 0 Followers on TikTok and no social media experience.

Layla's Main Issue Was, that she had no knowledge, experience, or expertise in fitness, just her own experience. To say the least she struggled with imposter syndrome. We helped her understand the impact and the transformation you bring to someone is most important and it doesn't matter to have certifications you get more impact through your own story. Overall She didn’t have a predictable way to grow her brand on TikTok.

Operation: We Came Into Layla’s Brand and identified her target audience and created a viral content strategy around young women who were new to the gym.

Then we Designed her a weekly growth plan that consisted of trending topics in her niche that would target those individuals and bring virality to her page. And gave her access to our Auditorium where we would critique each individual post before going public. (This was 100% needed since she had no experience with content creation). Her 10th post using this strategy brought in over 1.2 Million Views.

Outcome: Shortly after implementing these strategies Layla was able to grow her brand to 65,000 Followers in under 60 Days Weeks and now has an audience of 90k+ Followers which has led to making an ROI of the program in Brand deals and now she is working with us to bring a coaching offer to the market!

July: Work From Home Creator

Overview: Julie is a virtual dietitian or a “WiFi Girly '' she came to use with 4000 followers and a few viral videos and wanted to take her brand to the next level and understand TikTok marketing. But didn't understand the context and how to do proper market research on TikTok. Which led to very inconsistent views and traffic.

Julie knew she needed to refine her content strategy or she was not going to be able to launch future products or get brand deals with no traffic or engagement!

Operation: Upon Joining We Quickly Saw Julie's Abilities And her Skill to create content she just needed to understand context and who her target audience was.

We quickly taught her what types of content worked for her specifically and gave her weekly growth plans of trending topics in her niche as well explaining in the plans what works best for her and why! Her first post she did on her growth plan got 500k Views!

Outcome: Shortly after implementing these strategies Julie was able to grow her brand to 25,000 Followers in 6 Weeks, while adding 2200 leads on her email list, and making an ROI in brand deals. Now has an audience of 60k+ Followers which has led to Generating 8000+ leads on her email list and consistently securing brand deals 3x her previous amount. She had a 10% conversion of followers to email subscribers!

Julie just had a knowledge gap and had little experience on TikTok and was able to see massive results. Her content strategy consisted of viral concepts her audience was searching for that Julie could easily record spending less than 3 hours a week creating!


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